Victoria International Airport

2.5 Million+ Annual Public Visitors

20,000+ Visitors per month

3 – 42″ Digital LCD Monitors

Victoria International Airport (YYJ) is the 10th busiest airport in Canada with over 1.7 million passengers per year. Victoria is well served with more than 120 daily flights throughout North America.

YYJ is situated approximately 25KM (15.5 miles) north of Victoria. The drive to or from the airport takes you past the resort town of Sidney-by-the-Sea, the countryside of North Saanich, and Districts of Central Saanich and Saanich. The terminal itself is small enough to be ultra convenient yet, very modern as extensive improvements and upgrades have been completed over the last five years.

Our in-Venue network at the Victoria International Airport includes:

• Minimum of 675 exposures per day (30 per hour between 3 screens 3:30am – 1am daily)

• Rotate as many ads as you wish, swap ads in/out as needed

• Still image and/or Video ads accepted